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Complete Skin Solution Program

Complete Skin Solution Program

Beauty resides in your own power! Give your skin the pampering it needs! The Center of Happiness owns the secret key to a young and radiant skin! Here, you will find the comfort and professionalism of the services in your country! Take advantage of our special summer offer!

The program contains:

  • 1 facial treatment BTL Elixis Elite for skin tightening, immediate lifting and wrinkle reduction
  • 1 facial micro-neddling non-invasive Mesopen for illumination of the skin and best antiage treatment
    Base Price: 1080 RON
    30% Discount = 756 RON
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What is facial BTL Elixis Elite Treatment?

BTL Exilis Elite is a treatment that uses combined radio-frequencies and ultrasound power, providing a non-surgical facial lifting solution that does not require anesthesia and provides remarkable results even after the first session. The machine has a special applicator for the face, its design being effective in all areas requiring rejuvenation. The most powerful point of this innovative technology is the ability to target focused radio-frequency at different depths, with the ideal combination of heating and cooling, delivering the best results.

The benefits of facial BTL

It has an immediate effect in reducing the wrinkles, blurring the dark circles, melting the chin, redifine the jaw line and reconstructing the chin. BTL Exilis Elite supports collagen tissue to remodel, stimulate and strengthen the collagen network to relax the skin and improve texture. In addition to stretching the skin, especially in the cheeks area, facial BTL can also remove fine wrinkles at the corners of the eyes or forehead, as well as naso-genean wrinkles.

What is facial Mesopen?

The electronic / digital micro-needle system opens hundreds of channels, which contribute to the permeability of the skin for the substances to be used. Micro-channels created during stings immediately activate skin cell divisions for self-healing and self-regeneration for the area being treated. Micro-perforations on the skin support the absorption of active components in Mesopen by the skin cells created during the new divisions. Increasing the number of skin cells leads to accelerating collagen production. The new collagen begins to move up to the surface of the treated skin. Complete regeneration takes approximately 4-8 weeks (depending on the length of the needle with which the treatment was performed).

The benefits of facial Mesopen

After treatment, an amazing global facial rejuvenation is experienced. The skin quality is greatly improved, the skin is brighter and more elastic, pores are reduced,  fine wrinkles and lines of expression are corrected, and the skin is nourished in depth with the nutrients it needs. As a result bio-revitalization and cell regeneration take place.

Please fill the form below to get the 30% DISCOUNT

Base Price: 1080 RON(-30%)

Promo Price: 756 RON

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*After you submit the form you will be contacted by an Centrul Fericirii representative to confirm all your booking details

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Location:Centrul Fericirii, sector 1, str. Nicolae Caramfil nr 87, etaj 1, zona Nordului-Baneasa-Herastrau

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