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Zone Centrul Fericirii

Cellulite & Body Sculpting

Cellulite & Body Sculpting

Whether you choose to visit the Romanian seaside or go abroad, you will find the professionalism of your home services for a slender and harmonious body! Visit our Center of Happiness, located in the Northern part of Bucharest, and choose the packages specially designed for you! Recover your dreamed silhouette quickly and efficiently! Forget about cellulite this summer!

The package contains : 1 corporal BTL și 1 corporal Mesopen
Base price: 1040 RON
30% Discount = 735 RON

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What is BTL corporal?

During the session, the computerized Exilis device is directed to the treatment area. The ability to concentrate energy on specific areas and the desired penetration depth makes the Exilis device an extremely effective aesthetic solution. The device uses the cooling system to heat deep tissue as constant skin temperature monitoring facilitates more comfortable treatment. Thus, Exilis supports collagen tissue to remodel, stimulate and strengthen the collagen network for skin relaxation and texture enhancement.

The benefits of corporal BTL

The results consist in: surplus skin tightening effect, skin toning and restoration of elasticity, abrasion of the abdomen, arms, thighs, cellulite reduction, elimination of orange peel skin.

What is corporal Mesopen?

The Micro-Needling technique is a minimally invasive therapy and consists in a special mesopen device which makes superficial and rapid microinjections that introduce biological products identical to the skin into the mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin) in order to provide a strong rejuvenation effect on collagen and elastin fibers.

Benefits of corporal Mesopen

After the treatment is done, the appearance of cellulite will diminish significantly, the skin will gain firmness, and its level of elasticity will be improved.

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Base Price: 1040 RON(-30%)

Promo Price: 735 RON

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Location:Centrul Fericirii, sector 1, str. Nicolae Caramfil nr 87, etaj 1, zona Nordului-Baneasa-Herastrau

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